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Articles on Scottish wildcats & the Wildcat Haven project

We post a wide range of information and articles over on Facebook looking at specific identifying features of wildcats, their cultural relevance, history and, of course, the details of their conservation and how the Wildcat Haven project approaches each threat to the species.

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Scottish Wildcat Identification Series

A series of articles outlining the various features that identify pure wildcats from hybrids and feral cats.

How big is a wildcat?
Scottish wildcat mouth colouring
Shape and size of the jaw
Facial coat markings

Wildcat Haven

Articles looking at various key aspects of Scottish wildcat conservation and the Haven project’s approach to them.

Live trapping
Open Q&A on Facebook
Feral cat trapping photos

Scottish Wildcat Archives

Smörgåsbord of wildcat related articles on their history and cultural relevance.

Touch not this cat
The wildcats of Northamptonshire
Wildcat evolution and relationship to pet cats
The “Scotch Wild Cat”
The Kellas cat and the Cait Sith
Victorian persecution in art

Meet the Relatives

A look at some of the Scottish wildcat’s other small cat relatives, each one a masterpiece of evolution, yet so often overlooked by conservation and the media.

Pallas’ Cat or Manul
The Margay


Miscellaneous Links

A Career in Conservation