Support Wildcat Haven with your Donation

Donations to Wildcat Haven will be spent entirely on furthering our achievements and other aspects of the project such as neutering feral cats, studying wildcats, improving the health of the feline population and providing education and awareness of Scottish wildcats to the local community.

You can donate online through the secure Paypal system:

Send cheques to us, made payable to “Wildcat Haven” at:

Wildcat Haven
PO Box 7059
PH31 4WA

[email protected]

Commercial sponsors

We work with commercial businesses of all sizes in a range of ways including financial support and donation of equipment, services and other resources beneficial to the project and the Scottish wildcat often in return for promotion on our website, social networks or other materials. To discuss sponsorship opportunities with the project please contact us at [email protected].

Community Interest Companies

Community Interest Companies area form of business designed to trade for the good of the community rather than to make a profit for the owners. The Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004 and regulations made under the Act, establish the legislative framework for CICs. CICs are regulated by the CIC Regulator.