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Sightings of Potential Wildcats

We do collect sightings of Scottish wildcats and hold them in a database for ongoing research, please take a look at our sightings page for more details and a contact e-mail

Volunteers and Job Applications

From time to time we may recruit additional members to our team but opportunities are rare. However you are welcome to send a copy of your CV/Resume to the general e-mail address for us to hold on file for future reference.

Image Requests and Media Enquiries

High resolution images of Scottish wildcats can be supplied to accompany media coverage of the Haven project or in certain other circumstances on request. For this and any other general media enquiries about the project or wildcats in general please complete the contact form below.

General Enquiries

For anything else, the best way for a customer to contact us is by e-mail [email protected]. If you have a more general enquiry about the work of Wildcat Haven, or have a media enquiry, please email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below:


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We are not always able to be near our telephone, but please feel free to try.

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Every country has a different way of dialling an international number. In USA it is 011 In UK it is 00 In Australia it is 0011. This is represented as a + Then every country is represented with a number. USA is 1, UK is 44 and Australia is 61. So when we put our phone number on our web site, for anyone in the world to call, it is difficult. The convention, which we follow, is to display it as + 44 (0) 1687 347734. From USA, you would call 00 to get out of the country (that’s the + Then 44 to get to UK. Then 1687 347734. But from the UK you could call either 011 (that’s the +) then 44 to stay in UK, then 1687 347734. Or you could simply call 01687 347734. It may not be perfect. It assumes that our customers know about international dialling. But we can’t think of a better way of showing our phone numbers when most of our customers live all around the world.

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Please address any correspondence to us at:

Wildcat Haven
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WILDCAT HAVEN ENTERPRISES C.I.C. is a limited liability community interest company registered in England and Wales.
Company No. 08988824
WILDCAT HAVEN C.I.C. is a limited liability community interest company registered in England and Wales. Company No. 08988824

Registered office address:

102 Bowen Court,
St Asaph Business Park,
St Asaph,
LL17 0JE
United Kingdom 

Community Interest Companies

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