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Adopt a Wildcat

Help save the Scottish Wildcat

The Scottish Wildcat is one of the rarest animals in the world; there are only 35 of them left on earth. They are threatened by hybridisation (cross-mating with domestic cats), habitat loss and persecution, and their population is shrinking year after year.

We work to identify wildcats across the Highlands and protect them by neutering domestic cats and working with landowners to increase forest habitats, creating vast safe havens for wildcats stretching over hundreds of square miles.

Your support will help us continue critical work such as:
  • Campaigning to protect habitats and landscapes critical to surviving Scottish wildcat populations
  • Monitoring wildcat populations to ensure they are healthy and safe from threats
  • Surveying for undiscovered fragement wildcat populations across the Highlands
  • Neutering stray domestic cats which live around wildcats to prevent hybridisation
  • Working with local landowners to increase habitat suitability
  • Raising public awareness and understanding of issues affecting wildcats
As adopters, you will receive:
  1. A personalised certificate
  2. A factbook about the Scottish wildcat
  3. A Wildcat Haven sticker for you to show your support
  4. Access to exclusive footage and pictures
  5. Updates on the Wildcat Haven project for the year of your adoption
  6. The knowledge that you are helping save this beautiful wild animal

Adopt a Wildcat

Clashindarroch Sponsor

Wildcat Haven have found 13 Scottish wildcats in the publicly owned Clashindarroch Forest in the Scottish Highlands which is currently being logged for wood pulp and wind farms.

It is their last and only known major stronghold and breeding site. It is vital that we act now to protect them and we need your help.

We have launched a national campaign to protect the forest for all the wildlife that lives there and need your help to keep the wildcats that live there safe.

Wildcats like “The Beast”, the largest wildcat ever recorded at 4 feet in length, or Phoenix, the purest Scottish wildcat ever documented.

The funding from your adoptions will help us to continue the campaign and ensure the protection of these wildcats long into the future.

Adopt a Wildcat

Kitten Sponsor

We recently rescued two orphaned wildcat kittens from the wild who had lost their mother at just two months old.

Safely capturing them in the wild they have now transferred to a purpose-built rehabilitation and release centre in the West Highlands, built by our supporters at Highland Titles.

They will be raised in the huge forest enclosure with minimal human contact and the very best veterinary care, to ensure they can be successfully released back into the wild as soon as they are old enough to live independently.

Your support can help us raise the kittens, release them and monitor them long term in their new home in the wild.

Adopt a Wildcat

Ardnamurchan Sponsor

Our project began a decade ago in remote Ardnamurchan, where we began to test our concept for neutering domestic cats to protect wildcats.

Little by little, we gained a huge amount of local community support and managed to neuter every domestic cat on the 200 square mile Ardnamurchan peninsula.

Over the next few years we expanded that area onto neighbouring peninsulas, and there is now a 1000 square mile area for Scottish wildcats which local landowners are beginning to reforest and rewild.

Your support can help us continue this work, maintaining the current haven and expanding it further into the West Highlands.

Adopt a Wildcat