The Scottish Wildcat is the most endangered mammal in Britain

Wildcat Haven isn't just an idea or discussion: it's an operational, successful and comprehensive conservation plan that's already making a difference

Save the Scottish wildcat: Protect Clashindarroch Forest from logging and exploitation

The Scottish wildcat is one of the rarest animals in the world with as few as 35 left. Clashindarroch Forest is one of their last strongholds containing a third of the estimated world population. This publicly-owned forest is currently being logged by Forestry Commission Scotland, a government agency, in the middle of kitten season. This could disturb wildcat mothers, forcing them to abandon or even eat their kittens. If the Clashindarroch wildcats are lost then this could mean the extinction of Scotland iconic wildcat. Please sign our petition asking the Scottish Government to protect Clashindarroch Forest for the wildcats and all the other rare wildlife that lives there.

Save the Clashindarroch Wildcats - Sign the petition

How you can help the Scottish Wildcat

Buy your plot of Wildcat Haven from just £30

We are asking you to help us by actually buying part of the land we plan to conserve. Show your commitment to saving the Scottish wildcat. It’s a bit of fun, being Laird of an estate, even if the estate is only a square foot of land.

  • You may syle yourself as Lord or Lady of Wildernesse
  • You will receive a personalised gift pack
  • An ideal gift for a friend or loved one
  • Help us create the first dedicated Wildcat Haven
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There may be only 35 pure Scottish wildcats remaining

With so few genetically pure specimens remaining, each wildcat faces a near impossible task of finding a mate in order to produce the next generation.

To put their plight in perspective, there are over 1,000 giant pandas, 3,000 tigers, and 20,000 polar bears in the world.

The Scottish wildcat has adapted to its surroundings over millions of years. They are unquestionably the living embodiment of the wild, untameable Highland landscape, and yet we face losing them to apathy, indecision and lack of direct action where it matters.

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How we are helping save the Scottish Wildcat

Wildcat Haven has already delivered:

  • 800 square miles (and counting) of remote habitat secured
  • Second Haven site starting Winter 2016
  • Large wildcat monitoring site in Aberdeenshire
  • Neutering program for all feral cats and low-grade hybrids
  • All cats in the area neutered and cleared of feline diseases
  • Protected the area and created a feral cat buffer zone
  • Ongoing research and local school education program
  • Widespread support in the local community

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Neutering feral cats to save the Scottish Wildcat

Wildcat Haven isn't an idea, a discussion, or eternal research which never gets applied in the field; it is the only comprehensive, active and successful conservation effort for the genetically pure Scottish Wildcat; We aren't seeking the best route for conserving the wildcat, we're already taking it.

How are we doing this?
Dr. Paul O’Donoghue, Wildcat Haven Chief Scientific Advisor, explains how we are saving the Scottish Wildcat
Where is Wildcat Haven
The Haven is not a small facility with fences and cages, it's a vast fieldwork region covering hundreds of square miles where wildcats can live entirely natural lives free from threats
Wildcat Haven

Buy your plot and help wildcats now

How can you REALLY help the Scottish Wildcat

We created Wildcat Haven Enterprises to offer you a way to really help the Scottish Wildcat when you select from a great range of gift ideas

By offering you the chance to buy a plot of land in Scotland for just £30 you can help us reach our goal of setting up a network of dedicated reserves for the Scottish Wildcat. As well as helping to fund all our conservation efforts, you can enable us to establish a Scottish Wildcat visitor centre where inspiration and education will combine to really make a difference to this iconic species.